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Corporate giving

Matched giving

How can you inspire your employees to give more? Why, by saying you’ll match whatever they raise! Matched giving by companies boosts the morale of employee fundraisers as it shows them you are supporting what they do.

You can match pound for pound what your employees give as part of Payroll Giving. All money given by the employee in this way is tax free and you don’t have to pay Corporation Tax on the money used for matching. The amount you match is flexible and can be capped per person.

You can also match single one off gifts given by an individual or match the money raised from your Christmas Ball. Don’t forget that the volunteering your staff undertake can be ‘paid’ for – a simple donation to KEEN London can be made when an employee volunteers at KEEN.

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Matched giving

Payroll giving

For your company it is a simple way to demonstrate your commitment to staff morale whilst supporting charities. For employees it's an easy way of giving more, at no extra cost.

Donations made through this scheme are taken from your gross pay. This means if you pledge £10 a month to the Charity, it will only cost you £6* as the donation is taken from your salary before tax (*at 40 per cent tax rate).

Find out more about Payroll Giving on the Geared for Giving web site.

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