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Any costs and restrictions?

How much does it cost?

KEEN London does not charge parents for its service. KEEN raises its funding through grant applications and donations, and by raising sponsorship. We need funds to allow us to expand and take more children into the programme. If you can help or would like further information please see the help fund KEEN area.

Are there any restrictions?

Currently KEEN offers activities to children from the age of three upwards with physical disabilities and mild to profound learning disabilities. We work with a huge range of abilities and conditions. The session co-ordinators are trained in first aid and epilepsy medication administration. It is exciting and challenging to have such a mix of abilities, because so many of the athletes are able to help others out, allowing them to put their own disabilities into context. Siblings are also welcome at KEEN so we have mainstream children too. We welcome everybody and provide full support for all.

KEEN London 10th birthday celebrations KEEN residential 2013 - Hindleap Warren
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