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What's involved?


Each session starts with a warm-up, and ends with singing the Hokey-Cokey. These parts are always familiar and recognisable to the children, but after that the sports and games are different each week. These include football, basketball, hockey, bowling, relay races, playground games and much more.

In a typical session there are two or three different activities on offer. A session leader instructs the whole group in each sport and activity, while the coaches make sure each child is able to take part and have fun. If some children find the main session too difficult or need some time out, they are taken to another room and offered the opportunity to try quieter, more creative activities.

Each term, we also organise special trips giving the athletes the chance to enjoy a variety of different activities including ice skating, swimming, climbing and canoeing. Every year, we also organise at least one residential trip, giving the athletes the chance to stay away from home and take part in an array of outdoor adventures.

Keen London skating October 2013 pictures from KEEN Canal Boating and Canoeing, June 2011
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